The Marshall Mavericks Athletics Booster Club’s purse strings are weighing a little heavier today, thanks to Marshall Ford’s hosting of the Ford Drive 4 UR School fundraiser at Marshall High School on Thursday.

The fundraiser allows drivers to test drive one of the many brand new vehicles in Ford Motor Co.’s fleet, and simultaneously earn $20 for the Mavericks’ booster club for the test drive.

“This is the 27th test drive fundraiser Marshall Ford has held for area schools,” Marshall Ford Marketing Director Brenda Haigwood said Thursday. “This is part of a national program that Ford Motor Co. does that donates money to local schools and community organizations.”

The test drive fundraiser donates $20 to the booster club for every person that takes a test drive in a new Ford. The company will donate a maximum of $8,000 to the booster club as part of the fundraiser.

“We will use that money for the kids,” Maverick Athletics Booster Club Member Matt Futrell said Thursday. “We help the athletic department with whatever they need, from feeding the athletes, to chartering buses for away games, to purchasing needed equipment.”