Marshall ISD trustees on Monday are set to look at approving the purchase of new band equipment, requested by the district’s new band director Mark Windham.

Windham requested replacement instruments and a stand totaling about $120,000, which trustees are set to approve during Monday’s board meeting.

Also during Monday’s meeting, the trustees are set to consider appointing a trustee to fill the District 2 trustee position left vacant by Barbara Alexander.

Alexander died in April and no candidates filed to fill the position during the May elections, leaving the board the task of appointing a person to the spot. The person appointed to fill the open District 2 seat will serve until May, when they can file to run for election for the remaining two years of the seat’s term.

Trustees in Thursday’s agenda review meeting also heard of a policy change to the district’s employee standards of conduct that they will vote on during Monday’s meeting.

The proposed addition to the employee standards of conduct involves the use of recording devices among Marshall ISD employees.

The policy addition proposed on Thursday stated: “No employee shall electronically record another employee by audio, video or other means, including any conversation or meeting, unless each employee present has been notified and consents to being electronically recorded.”

The proposed policy addition goes on to further detail the instances in which the policy would apply.

“These provisions do not limit or restrict electronic recording of publicly posted board meetings, grievance hearings, or any other board-sanctioned meeting recorded in accordance with board policy. These provisions do not limit or restrict electronic recordings involving authorized investigations conducted by district personnel,” the proposed policy stated.

“As an administrator, we remind our people all the time, anytime you’re having a conversation, you always just assume someone is recording you,” Marshall ISD Superintendent Jerry Gibson said on Thursday. “But, and I got this from another district actually.”

Gibson then read the policy aloud to the trustees.

“Well I realize what is and is not admissible in court, that means, if you’re having a hearing, such as we had in June, that would be inadmissible,” Gibson said. “Like I said, I try to always be careful and I’m going to say things that are above reproach, but that’s going to stop some of that stuff where people say, ‘Oh, I’m going to go in there and record.”

Marshall ISD Trustee Chase Palmer then suggested a change to the wording of the proposed policy before it’s voted on Monday.

“At the end of that sentence, it should say, “unless each employee has been notified and consents to being electronically recorded on the device,” Palmer said. “You don’t want to get in a position where they say, ‘I consented’ but we don’t have proof of the consent. So they need to say they consent on the recording itself.”

Gibson said he thought the addition of the new policy would be helpful to the district and its employees.

“It keeps people above reproach and I think it would be good,” Gibson said.

Palmer agreed.

“That’s a good thing — a good idea,” he said.

The Monday trustee meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. at the Marshall ISD administration building at 1305 E. Pinecrest Drive.

Before the regularly scheduled board meeting begins, the trustees are set to host a budget workshop meeting at 4:30 p.m. Monday to discuss the district’s 2019-20 fiscal year budget.