Wiley College students looking for some overall help finding their ideal career path will soon not only have a newly renovated on campus Career Center on college to visit for help, they’ll also be able to receive the professional attire needed to take that next step into the workforce.

“We are in the beginning stages of Career Center’s transition from the Nelson House, where Human Resources will now be housed, to the Pemberton Complex where we have an area that was renovated for us, thanks to a UNCF grant,” Wiley College’s Director of Career Services Kendra Sharp said on Tuesday. “As an extension of that, we have the Career Closet, which is a whole office dedicated to providing professional attire to students for job interviews, internships, and so on.”

While the college’s UNCF grant provided funds to renovate the facility and provide for new computers for a lab where students can create resumes, search for jobs and apply for graduate school, the college is asking the community to donate gently used professional clothing for both men and women.

“We are asking the Marshall community to partner with us and support us by donating gently used business attire,” Sharp said. “We’ve also had a couple of churches donate actual funds for us to buy shelving and clothing racks to store the donated clothing.”

For the male students, Sharp said gently used sport jackets, slacks, ties and suits in professional colors such as navy, white, black and tan are needed. For female students, business dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses, jackets and blazers, as well as unopened hosiery are needed.

“We are not accepting any shoes and we will go through the donations when people bring them in and give back anything we can’t use because we have limited space in our Career Closet,” Sharp said.

All sizes in both women’s and men’s business clothing is needed.

The clothing will be free to the students and they will keep their selected outfits permanently.

The business clothing will be used by the students as they embark on job interviews, internships, their chosen careers or graduate school.

Sharp said the Career Center, which will now be more accessible to students at its new location inside the Pemberton Complex, assisted more than 400 Wiley College students through resume building, test preparation, graduate school applications, and job interview skills throughout the past school year.

The newly renovated Career Center will host a ribbon cutting event in August. The Career Closet will accept clothing donations from now through the end of July.

Those wishing to donate funds for the new Career Closet may contact Tori Halliburton at the college and earmark their donation for the Career Closet.

Those wishing to donate gently used business clothing for students may contact Sharp at ksharp1@wileyc.edu or by calling 903-923-1671 to set up an appointment time to drop off and go through the clothing.