The Harrison County Commissioners Court accepted, this week, a $901,867 County Transportation Infrastructure Fund Grant to benefit the road and bridge department.

“This is a grant coming from the state that is aimed at helping us repair damaged county roads,” said County Judge Chad Sims.

The county’s matching funds portion is $100,541.

“We’re very grateful to receive $900,000 towards repairs,” Sims said, noting the work will begin next year.

“The state will require us to identify the worst roads and start working on those first and update as we go,” he said. “We’re very grateful for this large (grant) for the road and bridge department.”

In other road related business, the commissioners court approved the placement of a stop sign for Lonnie Williams Road (County Road 1322), at the intersection of County Road 1319, which is Blocker Road South in Precinct 1. The decision was made following a public hearing on the matter, in which no one came forth to speak forth or against.

“Road and bridge is requesting a stop sign being placed at the intersection of Lonnie Williams Road and Blocker South, which is based on our sign person, in the interest of public safety and traffic control,” said County Road Administrator Luke Davis.

“It’s in a bad spot. There’s a blind hill, so it definitely needs to be there,” said Davis.

In other business, the court approved a resolution and $120,000 grant award from the 2020 HAVA Election Security Sub-grant to Texas Counties program to help upgrade election equipment. It requires a county match of $16,000.

“This is a grant that will enable us to use these funds — $120,000 — with our contribution of $16,000 towards the purchase of new voting equipment,” said Sims. “We set aside (funds) in our budget for the upcoming fiscal year to do this.”

In other business, the court accepted a $500 donation from East Texas Baptist University to provide a thank you dinner for Harrison County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

“This letter from President (Blair) Blackburn is just expressing his thanks and gratitude for the service our sheriff’s office provides. Not only did he send a thank-you; he sent a $500 for our sheriff’s office,” said Sims. “We also would like to thank the sheriff’s department for all you guys do for our community.”

In other business, the court approved an interlocal agreement between the city of Marshall and the county for the 2020-2021 courthouse light display for Wonderland of Lights.

“They’ve done a good job protecting the courthouse,” said Sims, noting the contract is the same as last year’s.

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