The Harrison County summer road construction plan is making headway with the first roads on the agenda now complete.

“Right now we have finished Mt. Zion Road and we have finished Noonday West,” County Road Administrator Luke Davis said, giving an update to the commissioners court Wednesday.

So far, the department has completed 2.415 miles of construction and has 2.5 miles in progress.

“We will complete them probably next week. Then from there, we’re going to go to West Road on the east side and Bailey (Cut-off) and Thompson Road on the west side,” said Davis.

The county, earlier this month, kicked off the 2020 summer road construction program, which calls for the proposed reconstruction of 16.852 miles of road.

Of the 16.852 miles of road planned for reconstruction, 0.483 of it is a proposed special project on Fox Glove Road (County Road 3646) in Precinct 4, beginning at 0.041 miles south of Honeysuckle Lane. The plan also calls for 10.591 miles of sealcoat layered roads.

According to the proposed plan, 7.214 miles are set to be reconstructed in Precinct 1. They include 0.156 miles on Fish Market Road (County Road 2112); 1.710 miles of West Road (County Road 1311), starting from State Highway 31 to the Panola County Line; 1.215 miles of Mt. Zion Road (County Road 1212), starting south of Farm-to Market Road 451 to the Panola County Line; 1.5 miles of Waskom-Elysian Fields Road (County Road 1214), starting at FM 451 going north; 1.6 miles of Oscar Moore Road (County Road 1302); 0.533 miles of Washington Road (County Road 1307); and 0.5 miles of Candyman Road (County Road 1219), from Boggy Road going west.

In Precinct 2, a total of 1.455 miles of road are planned for reconstruction. Roads are: 0.155 miles of Fish Market Road (County Road 2112); 0.3 miles of Powell Street (County Road 2600); and 1 mile of Long John Road, beginning at FM 1998 heading north.

Roads set for reconstruction in Precinct 3 are Noonday Road West (County Road 3600), starting from FM 450 to Mont Hall Road; Walkers Mill Road (County Road 3705), beginning at Noonday Road E. heading north; and Smelley Road (County Road 3601), starting at Peter Bonner Road, heading west.

In Precinct 4, a total of 4.6 miles are proposed for reconstruction. Roads include 0.6 miles of Noonday Road West (County Road 3600), starting at FM 450 to Month Hall; 1 mile of James Marshall Road (County Road 4109), beginning at State Highway 154; 1 mile of Nesbitt Cutoff (County Road 3812), beginning at US Highway 80, going north; 1.8 miles of Bailey Cutoff Road (County Road 3812), beginning at US Highway 80, going north; and 0.2 miles of Thompson Road (County Road 3813).

In Precinct 1, roads to be seal coated are: 0.6 miles of Grangeway (County Road 3009), from State Highway 43; 3.1 miles of Web Rogers Road (County Road 1103, beginning at FM 2625 going north; and 0.85 miles of Buck Sherrod Road N. (County Road 1009), beginning 0.85 miles N. of Frontage Road.

In Precinct 2, roads to be seal coated area: 0.447 miles of Jay Street (County Road 2601); 0.122 miles of Jay Street Cutoff (County Road 2219); and 0.360 miles of Byrd Circle (County Road 2219).

In Precinct 3, roads set to be seal coated are: 0.725 miles of Buchanan Road (County Road 3801), from Young Road going north; 0.297 miles of Gayle Lane (County Road 3539); 0.342 miles of Terese Road (County Road 3536); 0.366 miles of Michelle Road (County Road 3540); 0.085 miles of Megan Circle (County Road 3538); 0.167 miles of Kelly Court (County Road 3541), beginning at Maple Springs Road; 0.7 miles of Stan Summers Road (County Road 3506), beginning at Maple Springs Road; and 0.430 miles of Cain Cemetery Road (County Road 3425).

In Precinct 4, two miles of Davidson Road (County Road 4501), starting at FM 450 going south is a seal coat project.