Demetrius Williams

Demetrius Williams

In response to multiple inquiries over the weekend regarding the Dec. 5, 2019 officer-involved shooting death of Marshall resident, Demetrius Williams, the Harrison County District Attorney informed, on Monday, that his office is still awaiting the details of the Texas Rangers’ investigation.

“Pursuant to standard operating procedures in Harrison County for officer-involved shootings, the Texas Rangers were notified of the shooting and responded with their team,” District Attorney Reid McCain noted.

“At this time, the Texas Rangers have not submitted their investigation to the Harrison County Criminal District Attorney’s Office,” McCain advised. “Once their case is received by this office, it will be presented to a Harrison County grand jury, who will hear testimony and see evidence of the events that occurred on December 5, 2019.”

Williams, 31, was fatally shot by Harrison County sheriff’s deputies as they attempted to execute a narcotics search warrant at his home, in the 600 block of South Allen Street.

According to officials at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, HCSO’s SWAT team went to Williams’ home around 11:09 a.m., to execute a narcotics search warrant to search the home for drugs. Officials said things took a turn when Williams allegedly attempted to flee the scene and hit a deputy in the process.

“Decedent attempted to impact officers with the vehicle that he was using as a weapon,” a custodial death report submitted Dec. 19, 2019, by HCSO to the Office of the Texas Attorney General states. “Decedent was killed with a single gunshot to his head.”

The family of Williams believes he was shot unlawfully and is seeking justice. This past Saturday marked what would’ve been Williams’ 32nd birthday.

McCain said the purpose of his update on the fatal shooting is not to get into the depth and details of the incident but to inform those concerned about the status of the case.

“After hearing testimony and viewing evidence, the grand jury will make a determination whether formal charges should be filed, if any,” said McCain.

“Our office cannot comment on what charges, if any, could be filed, as we are not aware of all the evidence pertaining to this case until it is filed with our office by the Texas Rangers,” McCain explained. “It is our office’s understanding that Texas Ranger Josh Jenkins should be presenting this case to our office within the next 10 days.”