Harrison County Confederate Statue

A Confederate soldier statue outside the Harrison County Historical Courthouse in Marshall, where Eric Williams will host his press conference.

Staff Reports

Filmmaker and author Eric Williams is planning a press conference after meeting with local government officials and leaders Tuesday, at 4 p.m. outside the Harrison County Courthouse in Marshall.

Williams is a Dallas based filmmaker and political activist and is the executive producer of “Finding Mirriam” a documentary on chattel slavery in Harrison County.

He is also the author of the recent chattel slavery propositions on the agenda for the Marshall City Council. The items were proposed officially by councilmember Marvin Bonner, and were tabled at the recent council meeting by councilmember Vernia Calhoun.

Williams said in a press release that he plans to address the proposition, and the recent decision to table it, during the press conference this week, along with the history of chattel slavery in Harrison County.

Williams’ visit to Harrison County coincides with the 160 year anniversary marking the start of the Civil War in 1861 and on the eve of the historic House Judiciary Committee vote to begin studying reparations which is set to take place on Wednesday this week.

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