Former Hallsville grad turned Los Angeles based movie producer Micah Lyons is set to host a free party and networking event for those interested in film on Tuesday at The Reserve in Longview.

East Texas film fans now have a chance to attend a free networking event hosted by a Hollywood movie producer and former Hallsville High School graduate on Tuesday at The Reserve in Longview.

Movie fanatics have the chance to meet with other film fans, watch a comedy/action movie and enjoy a night of fellowship during a free party at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday at The Reserve in Longview.

The event is hosted by former Hallsville High School graduate turned Los Angeles based film producer Micah Lyons, who filmed “The Runners,” and other movies in East Texas through his production company, Breath of Life Productions, LLC.

“We will be giving away T-shirts, DVD’s, gift cards and more,” Lyons said on a post about the event. “We will also be discussing the state of independent film in Texas and sharing big news about the future of Breath of Life Productions in Texas and how we can all hopefully work together.”

Anyone interested in film, including actors, directors, producers, as well as community members 17 years old and up, are invited to the free event which will have giveaways, as well as light snacks and drinks.

The event will also feature the showing of a new comedy/action film. The film is rated R for language and some violence so all attendees must be at least 17 years old to attend or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

All attendees are also asked to bring at least two fully charged devices such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops, as well as charging cables. The attendee to bring the most devices and charging cables will receive a prize, Lyons said.

“As a part of our new filmmaker appreciation program we are asking everyone to bring at least two fully charged devices with charging cables,” he said. “We’ll explain everything at the event and there will be a fun, special prize for the person that brings the most portable devices (they must be charged and have cables to count). Approved devices include cell phones, iPads, laptops, Amazon tablets — anything that you can carry with you and watch a video on.”

Lyons most recently cinched a distribution deal to have his movie, “The Runners,” released in the U.S. in 2020. Also coming up early in the new year, Lyons plans to return to East Texas to film his biggest film in the area yet, he announced last month.

In the spring, Lyons is set to begin filming, “Off the Grid,” with co-producer Chris Routhe of Routhe Productions.

“We are going to be filming the biggest movie yet, which will be an action/psychological thriller that we plan to begin filming in East Texas, specifically Lake O’ the Pines area, in April and May,” Lyons said in November. “This is a movie I wrote and will direct about a fugitive charged with murder who is trying to prove his innocence.”

Lyons said this movie will feature a well known actor and once again, he will be recruiting many local actors and extras for the film.

“We will have helicopters crashing, car crashes, boats blowing up, lots of action,” he said. “We will once again use a lot of local actors and this will be a larger scale movie than ‘The Runners.’”

For more information about “Off the Grid” or the upcoming free party on Tuesday, visit Lyons’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/micah.lyons.3