On Jan. 8, 2011, the city of Tyler honored East Texas radio personality Cynther Jones for her historic Stellar Gospel Award nomination along with advocacy for mental health resources.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of having her own holiday, Jones toured the city of Tyler from north to south and east to west in a bright pink limousine on Friday afternoon.

Jones, a Marshall native, was the first person from East Texas to be nominated in the “Gospel Announcer of the Year” category for her gospel radio show, “The Cynther Jones Show,” that was broadcasted on KGLD 1330 AM in Tyler. She is also the first woman in East Texas to be nominated for a Stellar Award.

She now lives in Tyler and was excited to celebrate her holiday for the first time in 10 years.

“I feel very honored that I have the opportunity to actually celebrate this day,” she said.

Jones said she’s proud to help pave the way for other area radio personalities.

The city of Tyler declared Jan. 8 as Cynther Jones Day in 2011 when Barbara Bass served as mayor. Through the proclamation, Jones was also honored for her commitment to mental health advocacy.

Tyler District 3 City Councilwoman Dr. Shirley McKellar set up the tour of the city to celebrate Jones and her accomplishments.

McKellar said it’s great to honor Jones as well as advocacy for mental health.

The need for mental health resources is “something we don’t give enough attention to,” McKellar, who has undergraduate and doctorate degrees in nursing, said. She is also member of the Mental Health Veterans Advocacy Council.

“Her work still needs to be carried on in Tyler and East Texas because so many people are experiencing mental health issues,” McKellar said.

Jones along with her daughter Destiny, McKellar and radio producer Ray Lee Williams toured various sites throughout the city of Tyler, including Bergfeld Park, the Village at Cumberland Mall, Tyler Junior College, UT Tyler, the Glass Recreation Center and Woldert Park. “We’re going to cover all parts of the city in her pink limousine,” McKellar said. “A lot of people may not know her. She’s back in Tyler and she’s continuing to kick back up where she left off.”

McKellar noted how great of a honor it is to receive a Stellar Award or a nomination for the award.

“It’s quite an honor to receive a Stellar Award,” McKellar said. “We want to salute her today and be a part of Cynther Jones Day in Tyler, Texas.”

Jones said the most emotional moment for her was going down Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard as an African-American “to see that I’m a part of that dream in his speech.”

Mental health and the First Amendment are two of her most important issues she cares about. Some other issues that she’s passionate about promoting are financial planning, losing weight and sexual abstinence.

Jones explained that it’s important to have an emergency fund that can help provide income for three to six months

Jones is also currently the vice president of the newly formed East Texas Chapter of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame.

Williams said Jones is very deserving of the celebration of her “marvelous” hard work.

“She’s grown over the years and she does a fantastic job,” he said. “She’s really been doing things well with the God-given gift she has.”

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