TYLER — A former Tyler nurse convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death for killing four patients has been transferred to the facility that houses men on death row.

William George Davis, 37, of Hallsville, was given the death penalty Oct. 27 for injecting air into patients’ arterial systems while he was a nurse at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in Tyler, causing the deaths of patients John Lafferty, Ronald Clark, Christopher Greenaway and Joseph Kalina.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice records show Davis was moved to the Polunsky Unit, located in unincorporated Polk County, on Oct. 29 to serve his death row sentence.

His trial, including the guilt or innocence phase and sentencing, lasted 19 days in the 114th District Court with many hours of testimony from nurses, hospital leadership, police interviews, security videos and victims and their families.

For the punishment phase, Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman and other prosecutors told jurors Davis’ victims totaled 12, including seven who died and five he attempted to kill.

During sentencing, Davis was accused of causing the deaths of Perry Frank and James Blanks due to the injection of air into their venous systems along with James Sanders by intentional insulin injection.

The prosecution presented evidence that Davis caused significant brain damage for Gary Parker, Pamela Henderson, Rickie Glenn, James Wages and Jesus Serrano by injecting air in their arterial systems.

According to TDCJ, the average time an inmate is on death row until their execution by lethal injection is 11.22 years.

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