Four new businesses are planning to open in Marshall according to the city’s Community and Economic Development Director Wes Morrison.

El Taco, Harbor Freight, Wingstop and a new coffee shop are all planning to open up new locations within Marshall, according to Morrison, who said that all four new locations were in the works before the outbreak of COVID-19.

The new El Taco will be located at 5120 East End Blvd South, at the Old Wendy’s building, and is planning to open later this year.

Morrison said that the new Harbor Freight Tools store is also planning to open soon, likely before the end of July. The store is currently in the process of hiring a number of new associates and supervisors for the location.

The new Wingstop will be located at East Houston Street and Hwy. 59, and the new coffee shop, that is still unnamed, will be located on Grand Ave. at the old Dinner Belle location.

Dinner Belle relocated to a new building earlier this year, and is now located at 4803 East End Blvd. 

“Even through this pandemic we are still be contacted every week by national retailers interested in different locations in Marshall,” Morrison said. “It hasn’t slowed us down.”

Morrison said that these are the only four new businesses to file permits with the city thus far this year, and that there has been no delay in getting their businesses started in town on the city level due to COVID-19 virus outbreak.

“I, of course, cannot speak for them on a business level, but we have been operating pretty much same as always on that front,” Morrison said. “There have been no delays on our side.”