The gratitude of families who received food boxes from Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church and the Nu-town Revitalization Group was as full as the packages they were provided.

The two organizations partnered together to donate food boxes to 100 families identified as needing assistance from Marshall Independent School District.

“MISD is great,” Tasha Williams, Founder of the Nu-town Revitalization Group and Youth Ministry Director for Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church said. Over the past three years the church has worked with MISD to make sure hungry families had the food that they needed. This year, the nonprofit decided to partner with the church to make the Thanksgiving boxes a reality.

Though deemed ‘Thanksgiving’ boxes, in reality the packages contains much more than just Turkey Day items with the contents including cake mixes, stuffing, potatoes, rice, canned goods, mac and cheese, yams, corn.

On the whole, the organizations spent between $35 to $40 a family including a whole turkey that was sold to them by Kroger in Marshall at the sale cost, disregarding the purchase limit usually in place.

“Feeding a person for one day is great, but what happens the next day?” Williams asked, regarding the need to include additional food items.

Though the nonprofit Nu-town Revitalization Group has not yet moved into their building, Williams said they were all about helping the community and did not need a physical location to currently offer assistance.

“We are actively engaging in the community,” she said. “If you’re hungry, we will feed you. If you need assistance with your utility bills, come see us. COVID has had such a horrible effect on people and the economy. People actively need help. We are rebuilding the community one brick at a time.”

To pack up the boxes it is all hands on deck including Williams, the Nu-town organization and church attendees at Bethesda.

The boxes were given out over the weekend including extra supplies passed out to those living at Bel-Aire Manor Apartments.

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