HALLSVILLE — The Hallsville City Park has received some additional upgrades, including new landscaping, some new names, new benches and permanent trash receptacles.

The upgrades were provided by the city to make the park more attractive and usable for residents, and in hopes the new additions will help the city secure a new grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife this fall, Hallsville City Administrator Marty Byers said Tuesday.

“RCB Gardens brought in some beautiful plants and they did such a wonderful job on the landscaping,” Byers said.

RCB Gardens owner Cathy Page, who attended Hallsville ISD growing up, said she wanted to help make her mark on the city that means so much to her.

“We wanted to include a lot of natural elements like junipers and hollies because the berries attract birds,” Page said. “We also included some pollinators like salvia and rose mallow which attracts butterflies and we have some hardy hibiscus, some milkweed, and coreopsis which is a type of sunflower. These all will attract wildlife because we wanted the children playing in the park to be involved in what’s going on around them.”

Previously, Page planted the flower beds for the city at Hallsville City Hall.

“We just wanted to compliment the things that were already there,” she said.

In addition to the new landscaping, the park’s facilities have new names and will soon have other new additions.

“The city is in the process now of installing new, permanent trash can receptacles that will be strategically located throughout the park. We will also be installing some new benches throughout the park,” Byers said.

Byers said the trash receptacles are going in now and the benches should be installed in about a month as they are currently being fabricated.

“The city council also recently named all of the facilities at the park, resulting in new signage,” Byers said. “The old already existing pavilion on the south end of the park is now ‘The Fort Crawford.’ The new pavilion in the southeast corner of the park is now named ‘The Railroad Depot.’ The larger pavilion on the north end is named the ‘The Lions Club Pavilion.’ What everyone was referring to as the Amphitheater, though it’s not truly an amphitheater because it’s not built into the ground, is now named the ‘Tommy Pool Odeum.’ We wanted to honor Tommy Pool and all of his hard work building that stage and the word “Odeum” is Latin and Greek and means ‘outdoor stage.’”

Byers said the Odeum and pavilions may be reserved for a nominal fee for events and parts. All proceeds from the reservation fees will go towards the park improvement project.

The new upgrades will hopefully increase the city’s chances of securing another, larger Texas Parks and Wildlife grant this fall, Byers said.

“We could use the new grant on lighting around the park and maybe even some parallel parking,” he said. “We would also like to add some activities there for our senior adults.”

The park remains open for the public’s use as of Tuesday.