Hallsville filmmaker David Ford took on his biggest onscreen challenge yet while filming his latest action movie, “Man vs. Bigfoot,” which premiered during a private screening on Saturday at the Memorial City Hall Performance Center in Marshall.

The independent filmmaker, producer and actor offered the private screening for his cast, crew, family and friends on Saturday and said the movie should soon be available on DVD and streaming services later this summer.

Ford, known from his first successful Bigfoot themed movie, “Something in the Woods,” again tackled the subject of Sasquatch in “Man vs. Bigfoot,” but this time around, the legendary cryptid proved to be a worthy adversary.

“This film took us about two years to finish,” Ford said Saturday. “The film had many challenges, including two failed Bigfoot suits which postponed filming by about six months.”

In addition to funding issues, Ford had to search for a last minute Bigfoot suit and found one through local creator Keith Lack.

“I was introduced to a guy named Keith Lack who lives around Caddo Lake area and he really helped us get the creature shots we needed on short notice,” Ford said. “The film has also struggled in other areas of funding and we had to resort to online campaign donations to get the film complete. It has been a long two years as we started back in March 2019.”

The film was dedicated to legendary Bigfoot researcher Bob Gimlin, known for the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin video footage of a real Bigfoot. Gimlin even made a brief appearance in the film.

“At 88 years old, Bob Gimlin’s story has never changed in over 50 years,” Ford said. “I was honored to meet Bob Gimlin and have him involved with the film. Bob is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and you know when you talk to him that he is an honest man with high morals and values.”

The movie, which was filmed in locations in Jefferson, Arkansas and Oklahoma, has received worldwide distribution through Random Media. The film is expected to be released to the public on DVD and all streaming services later this summer.

The movie is family friendly with action scenes and contains no profanity.

Ford said as a Christian, he tries to bring elements of his faith into every movie he shoots.

“Man vs. Bigfoot” is Ford’s last planned Bigfoot themed movie and now he plans to focus solely on inspirational films to promote his Christian faith.

To follow the official release date of “Man vs. Bigfoot,” follow the movie’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/manvsbigfoot2021

He is scheduled to begin filming, “Preacher Man,” in the Waco area later this summer.

“It’s more of a faith film with lots of action and some comedy, but with a powerful message of encouragement that the world needs to hear,” Ford said of “Preacher Man.”

The “Preacher Man” Facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/preachermanmovie and sponsorships are still available for the film.

“I love filmmaking and I’m not going to stop,” Ford said. “I don’t have the funding of a studio but that doesn’t stop me. My last film ‘Something in the Woods,’ holds 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which has beat out films with millions in funding. The goal is to show what we can do with little in hopes of getting better funding for our future projects.”

Anyone wanting to invest in Ford’s films can also contact him through his email at davidford75@gmail.com.

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