HALLSVILLE — Hallsville High School student firefighters were joined recently by Hallsville Fire Department firefighters as they visited students at Hallsville North Elementary School for a presentation.

The presentation allowed the elementary students to learn about firefighting up close and personal, while also allowing the Hallsville High School student firefighters to exhibit some of the knowledge and skills they have learned in the high school CTE (Career and Technology Education) program.

“The elementary students seemed to have a great time and the fire department was amazing with them,” Hallsville High School Firefighting teacher Robert Best said. “Hallsville Fire Department was great in allowing our high school students to participate and showcase our high school program.”

Best said it was also a great experience for the high school student firefighters and the elementary students who also learned about fire prevention tips and what to do in the event of a fire.

“Our firefighter students thoroughly enjoyed the activity, and they always jump at the chance to put their gear on,” Best said.

Best again thanked Hallsville ISD CTE Director Kathy Gaw for her vision to bring the Emergency Services program to the school.

“She never fails in focusing on our students, her staff, our school and the community,” Best said. “Kilgore Fire Academy has also been a great partner in this endeavor.”

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