HALLSVILLE — Hallsville ISD trustees on Monday unanimously voted to name new head coaches for two head coaching positions at the high school.

Trustees voted Monday to name Josh Strickland head football coach for the Hallsville High School Bobcats and Chris Whatley as head baseball coach.

Strickland is an alumni and Whatley was already serving on the baseball team’s coaching staff.

“We’ve talked about both these spots at great length to our administration and our board knows about them,” Hallsville ISD Athletic Director Cody Farrell said prior to Monday’s board meeting. “That’s the direction that we as an administration are headed and we’re excited about both spots. They both have strong ties here.”

Also on Monday, trustees heard from the district’s Bond Project Manager John Erickson who said both bond projects, the new auditorium being built at Hallsville High School and the new West Elementary School being built in Longview, are now each about 30 days behind schedule due to bad weather in the past couple of months.

“I think there’s still a chance of a Christmas time completion for the auditorium at the high school,” Erickson said Monday. “At West Elementary School, I think we can start moving the furniture in by March but the opening will probably be May.”

Trustees unanimously approved Indeco Furniture as the winning bid to supply the new elementary school’s furniture. The bond allowed for about $850,000 for the cost of the furniture for the new school and Indeco’s bid came in at about $633,000.

The board also approved to spend the district’s remaining ESSER 1 funds on the purchase of 1,059 Chromebooks from CDW-G at about $296 per Chromebook. This purchase will bring the district closer to its goal of providing Chromebooks for each student.

Mansfield Oil was also approved as the district’s winning oil provider on Monday with trustees unanimously approving the company’s bid. Hallsville ISD Finance Director Mary Brown said due to rising gas prices, the district’s rate with Mansfield Oil will increase from $1.46 per gallon of gas last year to about $2.47 per gallon this year and diesel will go up from about $1.54 per gallon to $2.51 per gallon this year.

“Once we sign the contract, we will be locked in at or near these rates for the year with the company,” Brown said.

Hallsville ISD Facilities Director Ben Adevikian told trustees on Monday the district has several projects that are wrapping up, including the roofing project at Hallsville Junior High School that was slowed due to rain this spring.

The district’s Intermediate 4 campus’ flooring project is complete and the Intermediate 5 campus is about 90 percent complete, Adevikian said.

“At East Elementary School, the demo of the flooring is completed and we will now begin replacing the flooring in the hallways there,” he said. “At the Ag Barn I recently met with the new teachers to go over everything and that project is going really well. It looks really good there.”

Trustees are set to meet again on Aug. 6 for a budget workshop. School begins on Aug. 12.

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