Hallsville Mayor Jesse Casey has offered physical help to senior citizens and handicap in his city that need help.

HALLSVILLE — Hallsville Mayor Jesse Casey on Tuesday offered help to his town’s elderly and physically or mentally handicap residents as they seek to shore up their food and supplies.

“If you are, or know of a senior citizen or handicapped person that is in fear of going to the local grocery store, local pharmacy or Dollar Store during the allotted times that have been designated for you, please call Hallsville City Hall at 903-668-2313,” Casey posted Tuesday on the city’s Facebook page. “If you don’t have physical assistance we will be glad to meet you and assist you during your shopping. This service is free as we want to help those in need.“

With shoppers facing stores that are reducing their hours, thereby creating more increased customer traffic than usual, Casey wanted seniors and handicap individuals in the community that might be intimidated by the crowds that the city is there to help.

“This is mainly for the senior citizens and physically handicap or special needs,” he said Wednesday. “If they need help or if they just want someone to go grab the items for them, they can call City Hall and I’ll meet them or someone will help them. Since we’ve made the post on Facebook, we’ve had several other community members step up and say they too will be glad to help by going and getting items or meeting them at the store.”

Casey said the offer is for physical help getting needed grocery and prescription items or other supplies.

“This is an offer of physical assistance only. If you have a need other than physical assistance please contact City Hall and we will try to direct you to the appropriate place for assistance,” he said.

“This is just to say, “we are here to help,’” he said. “We care.”