HALLSVILLE — Hallsville High School sophomore Landon King has used his artistic skill to design a tiger themed shoe that’s in the running for a $25,000 cash prize from Vans Shoes.

The competition by the popular Vans Shoes company runs through Oct. 13, and allows online users to vote for their favorite artist designed shoe.

King, 15, designed a tiger themed shoe that he managed to ink out with only map pencils on a 3D printed scan of a shoe.

“I learned about the competition through Instagram,” King said on Thursday. “I’ve always liked Vans shoes and I wear them so I thought I’d give it a shot.”

The competition allows participants to print a 3D scan of a blank shoe and draw whatever design they like on it, with the winner taking home $25,000 and their shoe design being mass produced and sold in stores.

The top 10 participants with the most online votes will each be sent two pairs of blank Vans shoes to draw a design on the actual shoes. From those 20 shoes, the winner will be selected and awarded the prizes.

King has not only been a fan of Vans shoes, he also happens to be an artist.

“I take art and pre/ap art,” King said. “I’ve always liked art. I mainly like to draw and work with map pencils.”

King said he decided on the tiger theme for his shoe design after seeing a Gucci ad.

“The Gucci ad had a tiger on it with roses but I decided to just go with the tiger,” King said.

As of Thursday afternoon, King had more than 600 votes on his tiger Vans shoe.

Voters are allowed to place one online vote per device, per day.

The link to vote for King’s shoe can be found here: https://custom-culture.vans.com/design?submission_id=259541

Voters can also vote by scanning the QR code with a QR reader app on their smart phone.

Those visiting the Vans Shoes website at https://custom-culture.vans.com/homepage and search King’s username at “Landon339” to find and vote for his shoe design.

Voting ends Oct. 13, with the overall competition winner being announced on Dec. 19.