HARLETON — Harleton ISD students have their target in sight.

The district has more than 170 students signed on to participate in its new archery program that will span across grades third through 12th.

The new archery program, implemented by Harleton ISD Superintendent Brian Gray, is in conjunction with the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s archery program and helps give students the life-long skill of archery.

“We are very excited to bring this to our kids,” Gray said on Wednesday while coaching and instructing a cafeteria full of students on how to handle and shoot the bow.

“Archery gives them a lifetime sport or event they can do and gives kids an activity that aren’t involved in football or other activities,” Gray said.

Students can have archery instruction once a week during P.E. class but can also stay after school on Wednesdays for an archery class at Harleton Elementary School’s cafeteria.

“This really gives us a chance to build relationships with the kids,” Gray said. “It’s about getting kids involved.”

Gray said some students will be able to attend archery competitions in the future through the program, though the main goal was just to get students involved in an activity.

“We have staff that volunteered their time to stay after each week and they were all trained,” Gray said. “We also thank the trustees for letting us do this and Texas Parks and Wildlife for sponsoring the competitions.”

Harleton ISD sixth-grader Addison Morris said the program has already taught her some skills.

“I’ve always loved hunting but I’ve never been good with a bow,” Morris said. “I wanted to try it here in the classes and now I love it. I have my own bow at home so now I feel more confident going home and using it.”