COVID-19 numbers for Harrison County as of Aug. 23. 

Harrison County Judge Chad Sims announced Monday that in the last seven days the county saw 408 new cases of COVID-19, averaging 58 new cases per day.

Three additional covid related fatalities were also reported by Sims.

“The daily case count has increased to an average of 58 new cases per day. While this is very high, the rate of increase was not as high as last week. Please continue to be cautious and protect yourself,” Sims said, “Avoiding crowds, masks and vaccinations are all effective. You make the choice.”


The state of Texas had 99,989 confirmed active cases of COVID-19 according to the Texas Department of State Health Services as of last Friday, with those in age groups 20 to 40 years old the most affected.

COVID-19 infection numbers in Texas began to rise again in the beginning of July 2021, with trends continuing upward throughout August. Current trends show August infection rates reaching a peak around 21,900 new cases in one day, close to the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in Dec. 2020 where rates reached 27,000 new cases in one day.

For more information on current infection rates and information on the COVID-19 vaccines community members can go to www.dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/.

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