Velma McGlothin, human resources director for Harrison County, was recently awarded the 2020 Safety Achievement Award, presented by the Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) for her leadership in the county’s commitment to safety and participation in the TAC Risk Management Pool.

The TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) Awards Program rewards and recognizes member counties and governmental entities for their commitment to controlling claims costs and developing and improving safety and loss control programs.

“This notable achievement is only given to those TAC RMP Workers’ Compensation program participants who had a 2020 Loss Ratio of 65 percent or less and met the program’s criteria, demonstrating a strong commitment to maintaining a safe workplace,” explained Michael Shannon, director of TAC’s risk management services.

The award was presented during the Harrison County Commissioners Court meeting Tuesday. McGlothin achieved those goals for Harrison County through the establishment of safety programs or accident prevention plans, which include safety policies such as seatbelt use, handheld device use, hazard communication (Personal Protection Equipment) DOT Drug and Alcohol, and Blood Borne Pathogens policies.

“I would like to thank the commissioners court, department heads and employees for making this award possible,” she said. “It takes participation from everyone and I appreciate each and every employee for a job well done.”

“TAC has played an important part in getting this award because of their excellent training and their qualified staff,” she added. “It is my purpose to ensure that each and every employee can work in a safe environment.”

Shannon, director of TAC’s risk management services, said TAC stays committed in supporting continued safety efforts in Harrison County and values the county’s membership.

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