A gas pump skimmer was discovered on Saturday at a local gas station in Harrison County.

“On Saturday, May 18, deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office responded to Lone Star Exxon #2 located at Page Road and (US) Highway 80 in reference to a skimmer being located in one of the gas pumps,” the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

When deputies arrived on scene, they meet with store employees.

“The clerk advised the deputies that a large U-Haul pulled in between the store and the pumps blocking her view,” officials said. “Then a second vehicle described as a grey Ford truck pulled up to the pump behind the U-Haul. This is when the clerk believed skimmer was installed.”

Officials said plugging the skimmer into the gas pump caused all of the pumps at the location to momentarily go offline before coming back on.

“The clerk then noticed the two vehicles were leaving the station at a high rate of speed,” sheriff’s officials said. “The clerk then found that a skimmer was installed and notified the sheriff’s office.”

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Brandon Fletcher said that skimmers are commonly installed into gas pumps by thieves to obtain financial information. The skimmer retrieves a person’s banking or credit card information when they use their card to pay at the pump.

“Thanks to the clerk’s quick action we do not believe that this skimmer was used at this location,” he said. “Harrison County Sheriff’s Office investigators are actively working this case.”