Harrison County students and teacher sponsors on Wednesday gathered around their schools’ flag poles to pray during the annual See You At The Pole event.

See You At The Pole first began in 1990 as a grassroots, student-led prayer movement. Millions of students now gather on the fourth Wednesday of each September to pray together in front of their school’s flag poles.

As the groups gathered around the poles to begin praying as groups on Wednesday, students and teachers took turns praying for their school, their district, their community and the students and their families.

“See You at the Pole is a time where students can just gather and simply pray and thank the Lord for all He has done,” ETBU junior nursing major Abby Powell said. “It’s a great experience, and I am really grateful that I got to take part in leading and seeing how the students are so grateful for what the Lord is doing. It’s a great way to see community among the students and see how much they love the Lord. I hope students continue bringing this morning of worship into their day, week, and year.”