Beginning Thursday, April 2, the HealthCARE Express clinic here in Marshall will join the ranks of the clinics HealthCARE Express has designated as COVID-19 testing centers in their communities.

The test HealthCARE Express is offering will provide results within 1-3 days, drastically reducing the wait time for results compared to the previous COVID-19 test. COVID-19 testing will be available by appointment for those that meet CDC-based screening criteria as long as supplies are available.

The clinic is located at 711 East End Blvd. S, Marshall TX. Appointments can be made by calling 877-4-HCE-NOW (877-442-3669).

According to HealthCARE Express representative Angela Evans , those that utilize the regular services of the clinic do not need to afraid to come in since the COVID testing site is mainly outside the clinic.

HealthCARE Express is also offering virtual visits for those who may need non-COVID treatment such as allergies, blood pressure prescriptions and more.

Those who have the following symptoms are eligible for COVID-19 testing:

■ Shortness of breath

■ Fever

■ Cough

■ Sore throat

These criteria are subject to change following any updated guidelines provided by the CDC.

If you or a loved one fit the criteria listed above, call the location nearest to you to set up an appointment. HealthCARE Express’s team members will gather all the necessary information over the phone in order to expedite the process and will schedule an appointment for your visit.

The clinic does accept insurance and can confirm that with patients when they call in.