For Karnack native Patricia Davidson, accomplishing her lifelong dream of writing a book hasn’t come easy.

“You’ll say a mess, I’ll say a message,” is a personal nonfiction novel about Davidson’s own journey through life. Her book is the true story of a woman who, like many others in the world, faced trials and tribulations, but she beat the odds against her by praying and working hard for balance and prosperity, according to her website,

Considering Fort Worth her home, but being raised in Karnack, Davidson {span}is a phlebotomist in a laboratory and also has her own clothing brand called “No Excuses Only Solutions,” because she has never made excuses for the things that have happened in her own life.

When she isn’t busy with her jobs or writing, she enjoys spending time with her sons, Jayden Scott, 14, and Branson Amie, 9.

“I have had one goal to writing the book and that is proving to the world at my finish line in which will be my first speaking event. My speaking event is called the finish line because I will be finished with my mission and make it to my goal,” Davidson said.

In a quote from her book release, Davidson writes: “I’m finally home where it all started. I consider this third attempt moving to my birthplace a success so now I can settle in at home base, not running, but continuing to walk by faith and not by sight.”

In an article written when she was a high school senior in the News Messenger, Davidson stated that she was striving to be successful, and that education is very important.

“I do not want to be an average person,” she said in the previously published article. “Without education, you can’t do anything in life.”

It is this love of education that propelled Davidson to start a mentorship program with a portion of the proceeds from her book.

“I decided to do a mentorship program that will help adolescents/some adults who need credit assistance/ guidance. We will show womanhood/manhood in the best way possible so we will lead by example hoping to change the world one child at a time,” she said. “I feel some teenagers are so lost in the world that they don’t have a great direction to lean toward, so me and my fellow mentors, will help them succeed by being nurturing, loving, helpful in whatever is holding them back in life.”

Those interested in purchasing Davidson’s book can do so through her website, The book’s release date is Oct. 27, 2020.

“I feel great knowing I’m going to help someone who may be going through hard times and doesn’t know a way out. In my book I discuss my good times and bad times and write out my solutions to make everything balance out despite the odds against me,” Davidson said.