The Jefferson city council recently adopted its fiscal budget for the following year, along with a decreased tax rate, due in part to an increase in property values.

The city council adopted a $0.432911 total tax rate per $100 of home value for the 2019-20 fiscal year, down from $0.445000 per $100 of home value in 2018, according to a resolution recently adopted by the city council.

The city council also adopted its 2019-20 fiscal year budget, the largest portion of which went to payroll costs. The city administration payroll came in at about $175,000. The budget also included $16,000 for the upkeep of the city’s newest public restrooms and $30,000 in legal costs for the city.

The general fund budget also includes $264,000 for Economic Development Tax and about $296,000 for the Jefferson Police Department’s payroll. The police department’s budget also included about $22,000 for overtime for officers and about $77,000 for employee hospitalization insurance. The budget also set aside about $13,000 for animal control.

About $43,000 was set aside in the budget for park improvements and $150,000 for capital outlay and street paving in the city.

The city is also set to spend about $103,000 in advertising and publication materials to promote tourism, while the tourism department’s payroll comes in at just about $20,000.

The city is also set to spend about $175,000 on payroll for its water and sewer department, plus an extra $35,000 in overtime for those employees, according to the adopted budget.