JEFFERSON — Jefferson’s City Council on Tuesday voted in a split vote to name an interim police chief to replace retired Chief Gary Amburn.

Amburn announced his retirement last month and is set to serve his last day on the job Dec. 31.

One of Amburn’s officers, Sgt. Jason Carroll, was named as the interim Jefferson police chief on Tuesday by the city council.

“I have some concerns,” Jefferson city alderwoman Tyrani Braddock said. “So out of all the others that we have in the police department, this was our final decision of who is going to take Amburn’s place, even though it’s just for now? It has to be this person, you can’t recommend other people? I just have concerns and just feel like there might be other people that could take the position and it’s just temporary as well.”

Jefferson Mayor Bubba Haggard responded, saying Carroll was the highest ranking officer in the department under Amburn.

“Jason is the sergeant, the next one down, the highest ranking member of who’s left and it was just to name an interim until we can come back,” Haggard said. “I was hoping it would be next month at the regular council meeting and then that can be you all’s decision at that point.”

Braddock voted against the naming of Carroll as interim, with the final vote coming in at 4-1 with one alderman absent.

Amburn, who will have served in law enforcement 50 years upon his date of retirement, spent a combine 20 years as police chief of Jefferson.

Carroll will oversee four full time officers in the department.

A video of Tuesday’s city council meeting can be viewed online at the Marion County Herald by visiting