JEFFERSON — Jefferson City Council on Tuesday officially accepted the resignation of mayor Charles “Bubba” Haggard, who abruptly quit his post with the city last month.

“It was over a personnel matter and I lost,” Haggard told the Marion County Herald at the time. “I felt the council didn’t respect me and my thoughts on the issue on waiting for the new chief to make the final hiring decision. I only have two months left and can’t seem to influence anybody or anything, so I thought I’d go ahead and resign.”

Haggard said he felt he had a better understanding of the issue than the city council.

“I tried to look at it like I’d been going in there almost every day for almost two years, so I know what’s going on and there’s always a grey area. Council just gets to show up and I did all the work,” Haggard continued. “I tried to be as fair as I can on everything we were doing and I hope that it can be said I took us forward as a city. Time will tell.”

Haggard was not seeking re-election in the upcoming May 2 elections.

Mayor Pro-Tem Victor Perot is acting as mayor until the election.

Perot on Tuesday signed the proclamation recognizing the month of March as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the city of Jefferson.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, Gene Keenon, with Republic Services, presented a $1,000 check to the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department to help purchase needed equipment.

“We at Republic Services pick up the dumpsters in town and we help support projects all through the area,” Keenon said. “Once a year we come and give a check to the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department because we feel like that affects the whole community having a good fire department. This is just a token of our appreciation and to help support them provide good fire protection to the city of Jefferson.”

Also on Tuesday, the council heard about possible redistricting of the city’s three wards from Marion County Elections Office Representative Pat George.

“As you know, this ward map is the result of a federal lawsuit and hasn’t been chances in the past 30 years,” George said. “There is a great disparity in the number of registered voters. In Ward 1, there is 481 registered voters. In Ward 2, there is 422 registered voters and in Ward 3, there is 531. That’s more than 100 difference.“

George suggested the city get with the county about joining in their agreement with Allison Bass LLP for redistricting services, with numbers based off of the 2020 U.S. Census, which she said should be complete in December.

A full video of the city council meeting can be viewed on the Marion County Herald Facebook page at