The Josey Ranch, home of Martha and R.E. Josey, opened up their gates to Louisiana Hurricane Evacuees hosting 20 different families and filling over 200 stalls for the weekend.

After hurricane Delta made landfall in Louisiana a large number of evacuees, and their family animals, need a safe place to weather out the storm and floods.

Shelly Posobiec from Erath Louisiana was one of these people. Posobiec attended a Josey clinic years ago and decided to return to escape the dangerous weather in her home.

She traveled to the ranch with three horses and a Shetland pony that she had just recently rescued.

“We had been here in the past for several clinics but never evacuated here,” she explained. “We’ve always known y’all take in refugees from storms and a bunch of us from our area are all here together. The process was extremely simple, it was one phone call to book, getting here was a long drive but everything was okay. But we are safe and thankful to be at Martha Josey’s!”

With the devastation brought from the last Hurricane Laura, Josey Ranch has been one of the top places to take shelter for Josey students and friends.

During the last hurricane the Ranch welcomed several families and their precious animals to stay. Candice Sonnier, husband Joshua, and five children had stayed with the Josey’s during Hurricane Laura and made another trip to the ranch much sooner than expected.

“We didn’t expect to be back so soon,” Sonnier said. “Even though this hurricane isn’t as strong everything is still a mess form Hurricane Laura. The debris is still everywhere so with high winds it would have been very dangerous to stay.”

After arriving to the ranch the Sonnier’s realized that their horse trailers frame was broken.

“When we got here and looked at the trailer the frame was bent,” Sonnier explained. “We have been living in our trailer living quarters while we get our house repaired from Hurricane Laura. Luckily there is a gentleman on the hill, also here as an evacuee, that works in welding so he is going to come take a look at it for us.”

This comradery between evacuees didn’t stop there, with a number of children of different families making new friends during their stay. Children could be seen running through the ranch pond, playing in the mud and riding horses together in the arena.

Friday night the families pitched in cooking dinner right outside their trailers eating together at the Josey Ranch as the hurricane passed.