New Vision Missionary Baptist Church in Karnack treated its deacons to a Dallas Cowboys game recently as a token of appreciation for their service.

Deacons attending were Paul Morris, Delawrence Mitchell, Marerect Smith, Robert Green, trustee Willie Fred Jones Jr. and trustee David Reaves, along with the their pastor Dr. Ricky L. Moore.

“Our church rented a bus to take all of our men to the Dallas Cowboys game,” said Moore. “Last month, we had a Deacons Appreciation Program. I promised to take them to a Dallas Cowboy game, and Sunday was the day.”

Moore said the appreciation shown to the deacons is all about building relationships.

“New Vision Baptist Church recognizes the deacons that make a difference,” he said. “These men feed the community, visit the nursing home and hospitals, mentor young men and they lead by example.

“Because of the COVID-19 (pandemic), so many churches have shut down but our church survived and thrived because of the dedication of these men working side-by-side with their pastor,” said Moore.

He said he’s glad to see unity amongst deacons and their pastor when so many in the world are divided.

“So many pastors and deacons are divided, and it hurts the church,” said Moore. “When pastor and deacons work together and pray together it’s no limit what a church can accomplish. Every church should show love and appreciation to their deacons that are making a difference.”

In addition to the recent trip to the Dallas Cowboys game, each deacon at last month’s appreciation service was presented a suit, tie, shirt and given a limousine ride. They were also honored with a special dinner.