KARNACK — They’re running with the big kids now.

Some Karnack ISD elementary school students on Monday had a chance to try their hand at their first school track meet when their coach allowed them to join their junior high aged peers at a competition.

Karnack ISD educates students in kindergarten through eighth grade at its lone campus, George Washington Carver Elementary School.

With its students, both junior high aged and elementary aged, at the same campus, Physical Education Coach Louis Tennison wanted to give his younger elementary school students a chance to compete at an official track competition.

“We are a school of opportunities and we stand behind our students no matter what grade they are in,” Tennison said Tuesday about why he brought the younger students along.

Tennison brought along the Karnack ISD elementary school students in third through fifth grades, as the Indians went to nearby Elysian Fields ISD for the junior high school track meet on Monday.

The younger Karnack elementary school students stepped onto the field Monday to compete against their older, junior high school peers and received encouragement from not only Tennison, but from fans sitting on both sides of Yellowjacket Stadium.

“We are driven by hard work and dedication and we would love to win, but most of all, we take pride in telling our kids to just have fun and to do their best,” Tennison said.

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