Kay Oney has spent her entire life in Marshall; growing up here, meeting her husband here, and now raising her family here. So when she decided to open up her own boutique, she couldn’t think of a better place to house her store than her hometown.

Oney is the owner of Kay Kay’s Boutique in Marshall, which opened at 8890 North US 59 in Marshall three years ago.

“This is absolutely a family business,” Oney said, stating that the boutique operates out of a building she shares with her husband Lonnie’s company.

Her daughter, and daughter-in-law both also help out with the business, both helping Oney operate the store, as well as modeling some of the clothes and accessories she has for sale.

“I have always loved clothes and fashion, so it’s great to get to do something that I love,” she said.

Oney said that when she started the store, she had the goal of making sure that each woman was empowered by the outfits she went home with.

With a motto of customer over sales, the business owner said that she has spent the last few years working to make sure that every woman who comes into her store has a personalized shopping experience, and leaves with something that makes them feel confident.

“When they walk in, I want it to be all about them,” Oney said. “I won’t lie to you to make a sale, I always want to make sure every item looks good, and makes them feel good.”

The boutique carries a variety of products at Kay Kay’s Boutique, including brands like Blowfish, Candy Club and more. She carries clothing sizes up to 3XL, and a variety of belts, hats, earrings and other accessories to complete the perfect new look.

She said that whenever a community member is interested in a brand she does not carry, she feels fortunate to live in a community where she often knows another boutique who carries that selection.

“It feels great, it’s a lot more about community and not about competition,” she said “We’re all local business owners, so I often refer my customers to other places that I know would have what they’re looking for.”

She said that there is no competition between local boutique owners in Marshall, but rather camaraderie between store owners that allows them all to work together.

“I love the feeling of community, I love doing what I can for the people who live in my town, so it’s great to have this group of businesses that we can go to,” she said.

The store has plans to expand its selection, adding new items every season along with a plan to expand into children’s clothes.

The store also has a rewards program, which offers 20 percent off after five purchases of $25 or more, and 50 percent off after 10 purchases of $25 or more.

“I want everything to be affordable to my customers, I don’t want them to worry when they come here to shop,” she said.

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