Mosaic Grab-N-Go crafts will be available starting Monday at the Marshall Public Library.

The Marshall Public Library has not only been busy with the annual Summer Reading Club but also recently received its accreditation renewal.

“As long as the library has been here we have received annual accreditation,” Library Director Anna Lane said.

The accreditation process includes some minor criteria such as at least one public computer and a copy machine for staff members as well as more stringent criteria.

The annual report is submitted to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) every spring. On the library’s strategic plan, they must employ two librarians who have a Masters in Library Science.

“For the first time ever we actually have three,” Lane said.

Also, as part of the plan, local operating expenses must be provided.

“The city administration is very good to make sure that we have what is needed,” she said.

Along with working towards their accreditation renewal, library staff members have been hard at work with a nontraditional summer reading program, due to COVID-19.

Though there have not been weekly meetings, participants have been continuing with traditional reading logs.

Since some of the staff members have returned from furlough, they have been putting together Grab and Go craft kits for patrons.

“We’ve really had to think outside the box,” Lane said. Last week, patrons (even some of the adult variety), got to make yarn octopuses. Library staff members have been posting fun trivia to accompany the projects. Next week’s Grab and Go project is mosaic jellyfish, turtles and aliens.

“Everything is included in the kit except imagination,” Lane said.

To also help with changes related to COVID-19, the library hours are now 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

With COVID, the library is limited to 50 percent capacity and computer sessions are limited to 45 minutes per day, per person.

Curbside library checkout is still taking place though the library is open to the public.

“I foresee us continuing with that process,” Lane said.

Though a Summer Reading Club wrap-up party will not be possible this year, all participants of the club will receive goody bags at the conclusion of the reading club, July 31.