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The Marshall Rotary Club embraced their motto 'Service Above Self' when they made a recent push to help the elderly in Marshall sign up for COVID-19 vaccines.

The Marshall Rotary Club held fast to their motto “service above self” this year, signing up about 185 community members for the COVID-19 vaccine since it became available, and they aren’t stopping there.

Starting in February 2021, Marshall Rotary Club President Jerry Pye said that he and his wife, Ruby, were signing up for the vaccine when they ran into a few problems.

“It was difficult to do,” Pye said.

The process was complicated, and since at the time the number of vaccines available was limited, slots for appointments would fill up very fast.

Once Jerry and Ruby were able to successfully navigate the process, and got themselves signed up for shots, Pye said that he offered assistance to other Rotary members via a Zoom meeting. It all took off from there.

“At first we were offering assistance to other members of Rotary, and eventually once we were able to make sure that every member who wanted a shot had an appointment for one, we started thinking, maybe this is something we can do for the community,” Pye said. “We just kind of fell into it.”

The project began with rotary members offering help via word of mouth, with members like Louraiseal McDonald and Robert Coleman offering information on people who were in need of assistance.

Eventually, Pye said that the organization decided to add a brief in the Marshall News Messenger about the help they were offering, and that’s when the project really took off.

Tons of people started contacting the Rotary members, looking for help in navigating the process of signing themselves up on the vaccine.

A team of members, all working to keep in contact virtually, banded together to help as many people as they could sign up for the vaccine slots available.

That team includes Linda Endicott, Glenn Bickerdike, Charles Cornish, Jordan Shaw, Louraiseal McDonald, Ted Huffhines, Robert Coleman, Stormy Nickerson, Bill Hollifield, Joyce Weekly, Hannah Luce, along with help from nonmembers Patti Brady with community health core, Wyndi Veigel with the Marshall News Messenger and County Judge Chad Sims.

The project is ongoing, and anyone who is or knows of a senior citizens that is over age 65 or an individual that has health issues between age 18 and 65 that needs the COVID vaccine shot, call Pye at 318-282-5278.

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