New Marshall resident and experienced tutor Garland Hancock is offering free online tutoring services to the citizens of Marshall to help give back during an uncertain time for local schools due to the COVID-19 virus.

“During these trying times when traditional schooling has been turned inside out and even the fall semester is up in the air, I would like to help,” Hancock said.

She said that she moved to the area just a few weeks ago, to live with family members already in town.

Hancock has 35 years of experience as a journalist and award winning writer. This includes five years as an English instructor and nearly seven years teaching Language Arts online, tutoring international students.

“I usually teach nationwide via a third-party service (Tutor Select); but to help those in my community dealing with a depressed economy, I am independently offering free sessions,” she said.

Garland has a degree in journalism, and has won a number of awards in her time. She said her specialties include SAT and ACT exams, specifically the language portion.

“More specifically, I am one of the select educators who are contracted to score the essays students write for these tests. Bottom line, I can help your kiddo raise his or her SAT / ACT scores significantly,” she said.

She said her students range in age from five to 57, and that she has experience working with students who have studied English as a second language.

Anyone interested in reaching out to Hancock for assistance can reach her at