The Harrison County Commissioners Court recently approved several donations to benefit the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

The first donation approved was private funding for a K-9.

“This is the second of three donations to the sheriff’s office,” Sheriff Tom McCool said.

“The third being a pledge of $2,000 from our district attorney,” he said, thanking Harrison County District Attorney Reid McCain.

“The first donation was $5,000 that you approved the last meeting,” McCool told the court. “This is a different donation — $3,500. With our district attorney’s pledge, that total cost of this particular K-9 is $10,500.”

County Judge Chad Sims said he knows that K-9s play a significant role in the sheriff’s department.

“I really appreciate the public involvement in supporting this,” the county judge said.

McCool said he agrees that their generosity is overwhelming.

“These guys both wanted to stay anonymous, so it’s just an amazing, generous spirit they have to do that,” said McCool.

“It’s a difficult item to budget for,” he said of a K-9. “I’m very appreciative.”

The court also approved the out of state travel for Sgt. Eric Harmon to Little Rock, Arkansas for a two-week K-9 training course from June 2, 2019 to June 14, 2019, with the new K-9 to be purchased.

“Sgt. Harmon will be traveling to Little Rock for a two week orientation and bonding with this particular K-9,” said McCool.

In other business, the court approved the sheriff’s office pursuit of a Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the Department of Justice.

“This particular grant allows us to replace and to expand our body cameras,” said McCool.

The court also approved the acceptance of private funding for the sheriff’s office to purchase a tactical ballistic helmet.

McCool told the court that Dr. Jack Baldwin had contacted him about an article he read about the effectiveness of a tactical ballistic helmet and felt it was something the sheriff’s office could use.

“He felt like the sheriff’s office should certainly have some of that type of equipment and wanted to donate funds for the purchase of at least one,” said McCool. “We do have some of those ballistic (equipment) and other tactical gear that I brought through my seizure account a year or so back, but we can always use another one.

“Dr. Baldwin wanted to participate in that with us,” McCool said, describing Baldwin’s kind spirit.

“We’re grateful for the generous nature of our community,” Judge Sims said.