UNCERTAIN — Harrison County workers are making their last rounds, picking up debris to assist in the aftermath of the recent spring floods at Caddo Lake.

County Judge Chad Sims announced on the Harrison County Judge Facebook page that the dumpsite would be closed today and reopen for the final day on Saturday.

“Please make arrangements to have your debris delivered by Saturday,” Sims requested.

“The sheriff’s department will also make their last round picking up roadside debris on Saturday as well,” he informed.

In response to the floods, the county placed several dumpsters on an oilfield site near the intersection of Mound Pound Road and Cypress Drive on May 17 to assist residents in their cleanup efforts.

“(Water-damaged waste such as) any old furniture, or if they’re tearing out carpet or linoleum, or insulation, dry wall, that kind of thing was really our main purpose,” Sims said.

The decision was made to now end the service because county officials noticed that visits to the dumpsite had dropped.

“We just have noticed that the visitors to the dump had really declined so people weren’t using it as much, so we’re assuming they had gotten rid of all the things they needed to,” Sims said Thursday. “Rather than staffing it during the day time, we decided to pull our staffing back to save some costs there.”

It also allowed the staff who manned the site to return back to their regular duties.

Sims said they decided to allot one more extra day, Saturday, to allow residents a final chance to dispose some last minute things.

“If they had some last minute stuff to get cleaned up, we’ll let them get it done and put it out there,” the county judge said.

Having the sheriff’s office make one last round for pickup will also be helpful.

“We feel that will be our last effort,” said Sims.

The county judge said the cleanup effort has been a success.

Many residents have expressed their appreciation as well.

“I did hear from a local resident today (conveying) how appreciative he was and thankful,” Sims shared. “We feel pretty good about it, that we were successful in helping the local folks.”


And now that the water levels have dropped, Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge has opened up its boat ramp and several sites, including Mill Pond Sites 46-60 and 65, the park’s trails and fishing piers.

However, the boat ramp day-use area for picnicking remains closed as well as canoe rentals and Mill Pond Sites 61-64.