Two juveniles were arrested early Wednesday morning after joy riding in a stolen vehicle, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office officials reported.

The juveniles, later identified as two 14-year-olds, were spotted around 2:30 a.m. by a deputy who was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Franklin Street and East Grand Avenue.

“He observed a red Charger driving eastbound on East Grand without headlights,” Lt. Jay Webb with the sheriff’s office noted in a news release.

As the deputy attempted to stop the vehicle by activating his sirens, the driver of the vehicle accelerated his speed and turned southbound on Washington Street in an attempt to evade the officer.

“The vehicle did not stop at two red light intersections and turned onto a one-way street, driving the wrong way,” Webb said. “The vehicle then turned southbound onto South Washington and continued at speeds over 70 miles per hour.

“As the vehicle turned west onto University Drive, the vehicle did not stop at a stop sign controlled intersection and crashed at Sanford (Street) and University.”

As deputies came to a stop at the crash site, a young black female exited the passenger side of the vehicle. A young black male exited the driver’s side.

“Both of the juveniles were placed in handcuffs and Marshall police arrived to assist,” Webb indicated.

The children were the only occupants of the vehicle.

“The female was identified as being 14 years old,” said Webb. She was taken to Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center-Marshall for a medical clearance and released to her grandmother.

Prior to learning the true name of the driver, he was transported to an address in Marshall that he gave as his residence and released to a female at the residence who stated she was his mother, officials said.

Webb noted that the juvenile driver had given police a false name and false birth date, indicating he was just 9 years old. It was discovered that he is actually 14, Webb said.

“It was quickly learned that a Marshall (police) officer knew the male by his true name and (that) he had been involved another incident with Marshall PD a few weeks earlier,” said Webb. “Deputies returned to the residence in just a matter of minutes of leaving him at the address and the mother and the suspect were gone from the location.”

The grandmother of the female passenger identified the stolen vehicle as hers and stated she had never seen or met the juvenile male driver, said Webb. The female juvenile stated she had told the male juvenile to take the vehicle and drive around.

“A juvenile pick-up order will be issued for both occupants of the vehicle for criminal charges,” said Webb.