The city of Marshall has completed the installation of the new early warning siren near the Oaklawn Municipal Golf Course. The new early warning siren replaced the old siren located near Oaklawn Municipal Golf Course that was damaged by a lightning strike in a previous storm.

Emergency Management Coordinator Reggie Cooper said the city had been working as quickly as possible to get the new siren in place and functioning.

“After the inside of the old siren was virtually melted by the lightning strike, the city immediately began efforts to acquire a new siren,” Cooper said. “After some delays that were out of our control, the new siren has been installed and is now operable.”

The early warning sirens are activated from the Police/Fire/911 Dispatch Center. The dispatchers are instructed when to activate the sirens by the emergency management coordinator for the City of Marshall. The emergency management coordinator also has the ability to activate the sirens remotely. There are a total of seven, including: Washington Early Childhood, Evans Street; William B. Travis Elementary School, Carolanne Street; Oak Lawn Golf Course, Victory Drive; Key Street at Martin Street; Interstate 20 behind I-HOP; end of Carters Ferry; and East End Boulevard North at the Marshall Police Department.

“We are happy to have this new siren in place and once again serving our citizens in times of inclement weather,” Cooper said. “I know there were some frustrations with the delays in the installation, and I appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we worked to get the siren installed.”

The current policy of the city is that when the National Weather Service issues a warning for an area that includes any part of the city limits of Marshall, the early warning sirens will be activated.

Sirens are usually only activated for tornado warnings.

In the event the sirens are activated, residents should prepare to shelter in place and monitor local TV or radio to obtain accurate weather information.

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