A prayer meeting at Starrville Methodist Church on Tuesday. The prayer meeting was being held in honor of the late Pastor Mark Allen McWilliams and his wife Rosemary. McWilliams was fatally shot by a man hiding from law enforcement in the church Sunday morning.

Mike Sellars, the member of the Starrville Methodist Church who was shot several times on Sunday, remains in the intensive care unit at a Tyler hospital from his gunshot wounds.

On Sunday, Pastor Mark McWilliams died at the church from gunshot wounds. Mytrez Deunte Woolen, 21, of Marshall, remains in the Smith County Jail on charges of capital murder by terror threat or other felony, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident. His bonds total $3.5 million.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said Sellars is in stable condition despite being in the intensive care unit.

A benefit account for Sellars was set up at The First National Bank of Hughes Springs at 315 N. Main St. in Winona. Donations may be made at the bank located or at any of their branches. Also donations can be made by PayPal (csmanuel59@gmail.com).

Police said Sellars, 63, he heard gunshots and looked in the window and saw Woolen coming at him. He attempted to run and was shot several times. Police said there are wounds in both shoulders, his chest and his buttocks.

Woolen shot McWilliams, 62, police said, then started shooting at his wife, Rosemary, who was hiding near a stove. Woolen then confronted Vic Little, 89, and took his vehicle keys and left.

Woolen had been running from the police since the night before and even though he had a red money bag belonging to the church, McWilliams was asking Woolen to leave. Police said Woolen took McWilliams’ gun and shot him several times. Police said the night before, Woolen pointed a shotgun out of the sunroof of a vehicle during a high-speed chase with police.

Rosemary McWilliams said almost three days after the incident, doctors told Sellars that Mark McWilliams had died.

During a prayer service on Tuesday, Rosemary McWilliams told a large gathering how important Sellars and Little are to the church, which has 12 members.

“I want to pray for Mike Sellars, who is still in the hospital and still struggling. And I would love to pray for Mike. He is a very special man and if anyone loves Starrville Methodist church it’s Mike Sellars,” she said. “He absolutely loves the church. He does everything from lighting the candles to playing the piano, he’s just an awesome man.”

Rosemary McWilliams said because of restrictions during the pandemic, they are unable to visit Sellars in the intensive care unit.

“Heavenly father, we thank you for Mike Sellars. Lord, he is laying in that bed up there and Father, we cannot even go up to see him. But I would ask that You would visit him this hour, and he would feel our prayers. Holy Spirit I would ask you to blow your life on him, blow your breath on him God. Lord, I pray for his healing,” she said. “Lord, you say ‘Save me Lord and I shall be saved, heal me Lord and I shall be healed. And for thou art my praise.’ And we pray that, God, for Mike.”

“And I pray that you would give the doctors skill. I pray that you would touch his body not just a quick recovery but a sudden recovery, God. I pray Lord, We do believe in healing because Jesus you went around healing all. And I thank you God that Mike loves, loves you. Lord, let his wounds heal, let his heart heal, I know that he just found out about Mark,” Rosemary McWilliams continued. “And I know Mike is a compassionate man and his heart is breaking. So Holy Spirit, visit him. Visit him with your love and heal his heart. Lord, bring him home to us, God. Very, very soon Lord.”

She added, “Vic was there, and I hope your healing is over Vic. Send your mercy and compassion into his heart, be with him, heal his wounded heart, we have all of those wounds and you are so good, Lord.”

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