JEFFERSON — An award-winning musical duo stopped in Jefferson on Saturday to host a free songwriting workshop and concert with interested musicians, sponsored by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Interested musicians, singers and songwriters joined songwriters and musicians Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne for a free songwriting session on Saturday at Jefferson’s Visitors Center.

“Our main objective is to try to encourage you and stir your brain,” Adler said Saturday to the group. “We hope you take these experiences and techniques today and apply them to your own thought processes.”

Under Adler and Hearne’s guidance, the group of guests on Saturday brainstormed a few verses of a song, along with a chorus, then put the lyrics to a melody.

“When you’re songwriting, you’re writing from a place of, ‘how does this make me feel?’” Adler said. “Does it make me feel peace, does it make me laugh? That feeling will define what the music sounds like and what key you choose.”

Adler and Hearne followed up the songwriting experience with a free concert titled, “Texas Folk,” at the Center.

Sponsored by the Texas Commission on the Arts, the award-winning songwriters are on a national tour performing jazz and folk tunes for guests and hosting free songwriting workshops.

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