JEFFERSON — Marion County approved the canvass of election returns and payment of all election expenses, on Monday, in an effort to wrap up the Nov. 3 General Election cycle.

During the special-called meeting, Marion County Clerk Vickie Smith reported only minor changes in election returns after the adding of some provisional ballots. She noted that the cumulative report and canvass report was completed after 60 provisional ballots were cast on election night.

“Of those 60 provisional ballots, only 20 were counted and then we had two late ballots that came in the day after the election that were postmarked before Election Day,” Smith informed.

Thus, she said, the initial total number of voters from the closing of polls on election night was

“So on election night, the total number of voters was 4,882. With the 20 added, when the ballot board met on Thursday, that brought that number up to 4,902,” Smith said.

The county clerk said election officials compare the total of voter check-ins to the numbers documented on the voter machines that are brought in by the election judges, to determine accuracy.

“We compare those total numbers on those machines to the total number of voter check-ins to make sure there’s not a discrepancy anywhere. All of those totals matched,” said Smith.

“So we just need to enter into the minutes the cumulative report and the canvass report and then I can finalize the election,” she expounded. “Then I will need to (send) the canvass report to the Secretary of State, and this election will be put to bed.”

A few of the provisional ballots were cast by voters who didn’t bring their photo ID and failed to confer with the voter registrar’s office, concerning the matter, within a six-day period of the election.

Smith said most of the provisional ballots, however, were cast by people that were not registered to vote.

“We don’t turn anybody away,” she said.

The Harrison County Commissioners Court is set to canvass election returns for Harrison County during a special-called meeting, at 10 a.m., Tuesday, at the 1901 historic Harrison County Courthouse.