Marion County commissioners court

The Marion County Commissioners Court approved a resolution for the proposed Marion County Assistance District, outlining how sales and use tax funds will be used.

JEFFERSON — The Marion County Commissioners Court approved a resolution this week confirming what the proposed Marion County Assistance District funds will be allotted for.

“We decided to pass a resolution because we get a lot of people that ask questions about what this money is going to be spent on, who is going to be in charge of it,” explained County Judge Leward LaFleur. “We wanted to be very transparent and hold ourselves to the people and pass a resolution through the Commissioners Court that makes sure that they knew that 80 percent was going to go into the road and bridge department and 20 percent to law enforcement in Marion County.”

The proposed creation of the Marion County Assistance District No. 1 would impose a sales and use tax at the rate of 2 percent in the county’s unincorporated areas for the purpose of financing county road maintenance needs.

The Marion County Commissioners Court voted back June to place the sales and use tax on the Nov. 2 ballot to help improve the road and bridge system.

“This will not be imposed inside the city limits. This will be the county only,” Pct. 4 Commissioner Charles Treadwell, who led the charge in this proposal, has previously explained.

“The money will benefit only the citizens of Marion County. Nothing will be used inside the city limits,” Judge LaFleur said previously.

Chapter 387 of the Local Government Code allows for the creation of a County Assistance District, which would enable the county to capture tax revenue from those traveling through the county.

According to the Texas Comptroller’s Office, the money can be use for improvements such as road maintenance, law enforcement and fire protection. It cannot be applied to the county’s general fund.

According to the resolution that the court passed on Monday, some counties choose to seek voters’ approval to fund a County Assistance District program through a sales tax.

“The Marion County Commissioners Court is acting to ease the burden to property taxpayers,” the resolution states.

The resolution notes that the funds shall be allocated to the Commissioners Court until January 2026.

“It says until January 2026. The reasoning behind that is the court does not want to make a decision for a future court, so the Commissioners Court, as it is, wants to make sure that as Marion County changes in the future, that a future court may need it for another purpose, but you can hold us accountable for at least the next four years while this court is still (in office).”

As indicated, 80 percent of the funds will support and maintain the county road and bridge department and 20 percent will support law enforcement.

“The Marion County Commissioners Court does hereby resolve that for the foregoing reasons, it is in the best interest of Marion County property taxpayers to support and favor passage of the Marion County Assistance District,” the resolution states.

Judge LaFleur is scheduled to speak to a couple of groups to discuss the proposed creation of the CAD. He’s been invited to speak at 6 p.m. Thursday at Potters Point Community Center in the Gray community for anyone wanting more information. He’s also slated to speak at a Lake O’ The Pines Chamber of Commerce meeting this month.

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