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The Marshall City Arena Pond, at 3310 Poplar St., was recently reopened to the public. The pond is home to 200 new channel catfish.

Those fishing for a higher quality of life have a new opportunity thanks to the the city who recently reopened the Marshall City Arena Pond.

The city recently completed installation on a new electric gate at the south entrance to the City Arena, as well as stocking catfish into the pond, officially reopening the area for public fishing this week.

The city’s instillation of the gate is part of ongoing efforts to address the Quality of Life portion of the city’s 2019 Mobilize Marshall Plan.

City Communication Coordinator Jasmine Rios said that the one of the requests repeatedly made by Marshall’s citizens in the Mobilize Marshall plan was the improvement of the quality of life in Marshall, which focused on parks and recreation projects.

On Sept. 3, the city of Marshall completed the installation of the new electronic gate at the south entrance of the City Arena, with Rios stating that the north gate is set to be operable in the near future.

With this first step being complete, Rios said the city is glad to announce the re-opening of the City Arena pond.

“Citizens are now able to enjoy this quaint and idyllic fishing spot with friends and family,” Rios said. “We ask our citizens to use the Arena Pond responsibly. There should be no swimming in the pond, no boating, no littering, and we ask that all children under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult.”

The Arena Pond will be available for use throughout the week and will be open from dawn to dusk.

Rios said that the effort to reopen the pond was made possible by a number of generous donations, including by councilmember Micah Fenton who sponsored the introduction of 200 channel catfish into the pond. Rios also thanked Timothy Bister, from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who will be managing, maintaining, and assisting with stocking the Arena Pond with fish.

The city created the Quality of Life committee in late 2020 to begin addressing these areas of the Mobilize Marshall plan, with members organizing to request city officials create an official Parks Master Plan to begin the process.

This plan was approved by councilmembers at the last council meeting on Sept. 2., receiving overwhelming approval by the council.

City officials have since taken a number of steps to address items of need outlined in the plan, including reopening of the City Arena Pond and the beginning of instillation of new sidewalks and hike and bike trails.

“The city of Marshall is actively searching for new recreational opportunities for our citizens to enjoy,” Rios said.

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