The Marshall City Commission picked Leo Morris to serve as temporary commissioner for District 2 in a 3-2 vote Thursday.

The decision came after five candidates stepped forward to be interviewed for the temporary position — which will last until the May 2 special election to permanently fill the seat.

Morris will be sworn in to office at the next city meeting.


Two community members stepped forward at the city’s meeting to discuss concerns regarding the state of the City Arena.

Jimbo Roberston said that he has helped organize events in the arena for the last three years, including a bull riding event this month on Feb. 1

“It’s a great place and a great facility, but all three years I have seen things that needed to be done out there, and what I saw on the first year I saw this year,” Robertson said.

He said that the staff was doing the best they can with what they have. He brought up concerns over the state of the facilities and the parking lot

Jeff Adkins also addressed the commission regarding the state of the arena.

“Ya’ll got a good thing there and people rave about the concession stand and how good it is, but that is about all they can say about these facilities,” Adkins said.

During the meeting, the city also approved an ordinance altering Chapter 27 of the City of Marshall Code of Ordinances, removing the section on Same – Heavy vehicle parking and replacing the it with a new section titled Commercial Vehicle Parking.

“The goal of this ordinance is to prohibit commercial parking in noncommercial areas,” Community and Economic Director Wes Morrison said.

The city also passed the second reading of two ordinances, one for a special election for sales tax on May 2 at the rate of 1/8th of 1 percent, and the second to add 16 voter items altering the city charter to the election ballot.

Before the charter changes were passed, City Manager Mark Rohr recommended the city commission alter the end of one section, which allowed commissioners to serve after their eight-year term limit after waiting a year. Commissioners took out the section before voting to approve the ordinance.

The Marshall Youth Softball Association President Ronnie Minitry addressed the commission about the association and the vote on the new contract for the league.

“Contrary to what the majority believes, the fees are not unreasonable. We have never had a contract with the City of Marshall, and that was our main concern,” Minitry said.

He said that over last 10 years, MYSA has independently funded an immense amount of repairs to Airport Park.

The previously-agreed-upon contract for facility usage at Airport Park with the Marshall Youth Baseball Association and the Marshall Youth Softball Association passed unanimously during the meeting.

A number of commissioners thanked Rohr and city staff for taking the step to meet with MYSA and MYBA representatives to negotiate the contract.

Commissioners also agreed to the purchase of 10 new police vehicles during the meeting. Police Chief Cliff Carruth stated that the goal of the purchase is not to add new vehicles on the streets but rather to replace old vehicles.

“Once a vehicle gets over 100,000 miles, they’re not as safe,” Carruth said. “We are trying to get the cars on patrol under that.”

This approval was just the ordering portion of the purchase; Carruth said that he would address the commission again regarding financing of the vehicles at a later date.