Marshall City Commissioner Gail Beil has officially submitted her resignation to Mayor Terri Brown.

Brown announced the resignation Tuesday morning, explaining that the law states that the resignation will be effective either eight days after its submission, which was Nov. 21, or once it is accepted by the City Commission as a body.

“Since the city does not have a meeting scheduled until December, I expect her resignation to be effective on November 29,” Brown said.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Commissioner Beil, and I speak for the entire Commission and staff in wishing her a full and speedy recovery,” Brown wrote.

Beil has not been at a city meeting in over two months and concerns have been raised about her long absence.

She was excused for medical reasons by the city commissioners Oct. 24.

Commissioner Vernia Calhoun expressed concerns over Beil’s long absence at a number of city meetings, due to concerns she had been receiving from community members worried about a lack of representation for her district.

“We have concerns over in district two, and they are not being represented here,” Calhoun said.

Beil was a commissioner for district 2, which overlaps with Calhoun’s.

Kenneth Moon, a member of District 2, addressed commissioners during three city meetings about concerns over the lack of representation in Beils district.

“There are important matters that are being discussed and we are not being represented in these discussions,” Moon said.

Brown said that she anticipates that the city will hold a special election to fill the vacant spot at its next meeting.

The next city meeting is will not be held until December.