Marshall High School Class of 1990 graduates have been hard at work this holiday season raising money and purchasing coats for their younger fellow Mavericks in need.

Marshall grads Robert Johnson III, CaSandra Marshall-McLaughlin, Ivana Jackson, Tony Evans, Regina Patel and Tasha Williams all graduated together in 1990 and all worked together this year to raise money and order 265 brand new coats in a variety of styles and sizes small through XXX large.

The group, minus Jackson and Evans who could not attend on Friday, delivered the new coats to Marshall Junior High School where they will be distributed to students in need.

“We have known they were working on this for a while so we had our teachers observing, when it started to get cold, which students might be in need of a coat,” Marshall Junior High School Principal Nakeisha Adams-Pegues said on Friday. “We have a list of students’ names and we will put all of the new coats up in a room and call the students one by one, privately, into the room and allow them to try on and pick out a new coat of their choice.”

Adams-Pegues said she is very grateful to the MHS Class of 1990 graduates for thinking of her students during the cold winter months.

“I really appreciate the class of 1990 for doing this,” Adams-Pegues said on Friday. “They’ve really gone above and beyond for our and their students. They felt their was a need and stepped up and did it.”

MHS 1990 graduates Tasha Williams and CaSandra Marshall-McLaughlin said they wanted to do something to give back to their Maverick family and felt the junior high students oftentimes are overlooked.

“Coming from and living in Marshall, we wanted to be able to give back to Marshall ISD and pay it forward,” Williams said. “We also wanted to inspire other classes of graduates and show them that it’s OK to give back to people that might be falling behind, because we are all from Marshall. When God blesses us with something, we need to give that blessing back.”

Marshall-McLaughlin said the group wanted to focus on junior high students specifically.

“Marshall Junior High School students are often overlooked when it comes to giveaways and things like school supplies but we believe in excellence and want all of our classes and students to do excellent things,” she said. “We decided to do coats because it was something different and it’s getting to be that time of year when they are needed.

Our classmates dropped off coats they ordered or they donated money and we ordered coats and then we packaged them all up and separated them. These are all brand new coats in a variety of sizes and styles.”