Marshall High School’s class of 2018 graduates said goodbye to Maverick life on Friday as they now look forward to making a difference in the world around them, Valedictorian Chandler Kelehan said.

“We live in two different worlds, the small world and the big world. Maybe right now in the big world we can’t have quite as big of an impact but in the future, with the talent and intelligence we possess, we can have a huge impact on the big world,” Kelehan said Friday.

“In the small world though, we can have a major impact. It’s the people in our lives and community to that impact us so we can make that same impact by putting people before ourselves. Give without the expectation of return and the small world will improve which will lead to an improvement on the big world.”

Kelehan also told his fellow 309 graduating Mavericks on Friday that he admires the camaraderi they have shared throughout their school years with each other.

“We all like being someone’s wingman and it is easy when the times are good, but not as much when the times are tough. That is when you must make sure the people who matter to you know you have their back and they have yours no matter what,” he said.

“It is not easy, but it’s being there for your friend or your family or your school or your country that often makes life worth living. Class of 2018, through all the ups and downs we’ve had, it’s been good to know we’ve had each others backs. I am blessed to have shared these last four years of my life with y’all and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”