Marshall High School students mostly continued their increase on state standardized tests this spring, according to preliminary test results from the Texas Education Agency.

The districts’ 2018 STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) EOC (end of course) preliminary passing percentages rose in all but two of the six test subject areas.

High school students in grades ninth through twelfth must pass state standardized tests in subject areas of Algebra I, Biology, English I and II and U.S. History before they can receive a diploma, according to the TEA.

Eighth grade junior high school students who take Algebra I in the eighth grade also are administered the Algebra I EOC STAAR test each spring.

Marshall High School mostly continued the improvements in their scores this year after posting gains in every test subject area during 2018’s tests.

The only two subjects to see a decrease in score percentages were in the high school Algebra I test and the U.S. History test.

Marshall Junior High School eighth grade students who took the Algebra I EOC this spring increased their score percentage to 99 percent passing versus 2018’s 97 percent, while their high school counterparts dropped to 64 percent this year from last year’s 72 percent in Algebra I testing.

Marshall High School Biology testers showed the most significant gains, jumping to 84 percent passing this year from 78 percent passing in 2018.

English I scores showed slight improvements to 54 percent passing this year from last years 52 percent passing. English II scores showed a marked increase, jumping to 60 percent passing from 2018’s 53 percent.

U.S. History scores showed the sharpest decline this year for Marshall High School students, with scores dropping to 59 percent passing from last year’s 79 percent passing.