Board Chairman Mike Hallum poses with W.L. Thompson and Marshall Mayor Terri Brown with the plaque commemorating Thompson’s 30 years of work as housing inspector.

On May 21 the Marshall Housing Authority recognized W.L. Thompson for 30 years of service as the groups housing inspector.

Executive Director Tom McClurg said that Thompson is one of the longest term employees the housing authority has ever had.

To celebrate the anniversary Thompson was presented a plaque by Authority Board Chairman Michael Hallum and Marshall Mayor Terri Brown.

Hallum said that Thompson is a dedicate employee, who always did an excellent job.

Hallum said he “is proud to have employees like Mr. Thompson working for the agency and it is a rare thing to see strong and faithful workers stay with government work so long.”

Mayor Brown added that she is proud of the efforts of the Housing Authority’s Board and employees at every level who provide such a valuable service to the community.

Thompson, has worked as the Housing Inspector for the Authority, begining work with that organization on May 21, 1990 and celebrating this anniversary at the Authority’s monthly board meeting May 21, 2020.

McClurg said that the Marshall Housing Authority has 75 apartments in its Public Housing program serving Marshall and 405 Section 8 private sector rental vouchers throughout Harrison County.

He said that depending on the status of U. S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development funding and availability of rental properties, the authority has a goal of reaching 500 voucher units within the next twelve months.

McClurg added that it is Thompson’s job to physically inspect each home prior to occupancy and annually thereafter to insure that the house or apartment meets HUD standards.

The Marshall Housing Authority is located at the Milton H. Williams Center for Housing Development, 1401 Poplar Street, in Marshall.